Drawing inspired by Lucy Sky, a very brave girl and a good friend.



Hello! I love making my characters move.
Have a great Tuesday, friends!


Exploring the abandoned sanatorium in Beelitz (Germany)


Hello! Some time ago, we went to explore this abandoned sanatorium in Beelitz, very close to Berlin, Germany.

The experience was quite surreal, I couldn't image how many stories happened on these buildings. I have to say that it's illegal to go there without a guide, that's why we couldn't see much of the complex (60 buildings!) because we were caught. Two times. But was worth it!

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Things to be thankful for


Inspired on this post, I've started writing on a notebook every night 3 things I'm thankful for. I'd like to share my lists with you sometimes and I also recommend you to do it. It's always good to remind yourself that you have things everyday to be grateful for.
This is my list for today:

- Having a confortable place for sleeping

- Friends that give you flowers
- Being able to see and talk with my grandmas with the webcam. They're always surprised to see me on an ipad :)


Let's be silly


Give us a camera and we'll be the happiest.
From out last trip to the UK :)

Photos by my friend Alexandra Cabrer.

An article for Artful Blogging


Hi! Some time ago I wrote an article for Artful Blogging, and I still can't believe it, when I had the magazine in my hands I was kind of shocked. That's not me... I was thinking, but yes, I did!
It's an article that talks about my tricks of how to stay motivated for doing a creative work, and they featured a lot of my work! I couldn't be more excited :)

Thank you to the Stampington & Company team for this amazing opportunity!

Do you want to grab a copy? Click here!

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